Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015: 365 Days in 5 Great Films

2015 doesn’t have shit on 2014. A fantastic year for gaming didn’t translate to the silver screen by any means- yet I still found six movies well worth your time after this year is over and certainly worth mine when I saw them. Naturally I’ve also found another ‘Oh Dear’: The film of the year I despised the most for any number of stupid personal reasons… and it’s the movie everyone is putting at no.1 of their lists. Oh dear oh dear oh dear…

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

2010s Reviews: Star Wars Episode VII - The Force Awakens

Following the rebellious Storm-trooper Finn, his junk-yard friend Rey and a whole host of returning Star Wars characters (original trilogy, that is)- Episode VII is a film I have to review for just how humongous of an event it is: Since 1977 they’ve been making these things and a third trilogy offers a new hope to a franchise that has spurted out so much cash-in garbage it wholly outweighs any of it’s worth in any medium. Despite divided opinions on announcement (to an alarmingly extreme degree)- people seem to be loving this movie. EVERYONE seems to love this movie.

…I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

Friday, 25 December 2015

Top 4 Christmas Scenes From Non-Christmas Movies

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it and a great day to all those who don’t. Below you’ll find a collection of Yuletide goodies celebrating the very best of Christmas in films that aren’t about Christmas (which in most cases here is probably for the best :/). So relax and enjoy- maybe even share your favourite Christmas moments and movies in the comments below- Tis the season of giving…

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Game Reviews: Megaman X

A beloved SNES classic I luckily got to beat this Winter break on a friend’s old system, Megaman X is as cherished as these old games come- running as the new poster-boy for the blue bomber long since grown stale after nearly 10 sequels in the original Megaman series on the NES. Released in mid-December 1993, this is certainly one of the best games on the system- but separating it’s worth as a game from how much fun I actually had with it is a gap not easily bridged.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Game Reviews: Castlevania

Konami’s NES hit from way back in 1986 could easily be dismissed nowadays as a crappy looking mess of a game. Graphics have never bothered me and I actually prefer a little contrasting colour to the standard greyish-browns of modern gaming’s palette, but more importantly here is a game that is perhaps better fleshed out than any triple A release today. There is much less to Castlevania given when it was released (though is there much to *equip gun, move gun, click on guy so he dies*?)- but this limited field of activities available here allowed the development team to focus down on the specifics in such detail that they are all deeper than most games of the time as well as pitch-perfect in how they play. Here is why...

80s Reviews: The Vanishing

The story of a man’s three year search for his wife after he disappears at a rest station during their holiday down to France- George Sluzier’s original thriller (not his god-awful American re-make) recently made my top 10 of the 1980s list- and for a damn good reason: It’s as unique of a thriller as has ever been made.

Friday, 18 December 2015

Game Reviews: Silent Hill 2

To review Silent Hill 2 now might be a grave error. I love gaming. It’s an art form I cherish and enjoy almost as extensively as film- and yet I don’t really play games. The big ones driven by story and the legions of fans cutting down their naysayers have always held magnetism over me- a colossal urge to seek them out and play them- but I never have done. I was born in 1998- which means I grew up with the PS2- And yet only now, 17 years later, am I exploring the best of its line-up. Only now am I searching out Banjo Kazooie and Castlevania to fulfill my dreams of playing them held for as long as I can remember. This offers a problem because I am about to call Silent Hill 2 the greatest game I have ever played- It’s a masterpiece. Yet despite being exposed, if not directly, to all of these classic games- can I judge it fairly? I always get on at people for seeing The Dark Knight or Inception and calling them the greatest films in creation when they haven’t actually seen enough films to remotely make such a grand assertion and more importantly get so passionate and often violent defending their view. You are about to read a sparkling review of the greatest game I have ever played- but whether it will rest atop that peak for very long… only time, and experience, will tell.

Monday, 14 December 2015

The Affair

Just for clarity. When I say “Silent Hill” I'm referring to the location in the second game, Silent Hill 2, not the first game on the PS1. This piece is strictly based on the world of Silent Hill 2 and does no incorporate anything from the following or prior installments in the franchise- Mostly because I haven’t played them yet.

So: Essentially I think that the nurse monsters in Silent Hill 2 are near concrete evidence to suggest that James did in fact have an affair whilst his wife was dying. Many have inferred this before, but it usually dismissed as a possibility rather than an absolute- the theming of the game suggesting an affair but never offering any real evidence to support the accusation. So what we have below are some reasons I think the nurses and other elements point to James actually having done this.

[I love Silent Hill 2 and am totally engrossed in the thematic ideas it presents, hence why I am posting this in what is a primarily film-based blog. I will be doing a few game reviews here or there but understand that the time investment is hugely different. Understand though that just beating Silent Hill 2 at a pretty good pace can take as long as watching War & Peace so these won’t be very frequent]

So now then: Shall we dance…?

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Top 10 Best Films of the 1980s

The 80s are doubtlessly my least favorite decade in film. Even collectively counting the ‘Silver Age’ of 1902-1939 (as I always have done) It’s by far the ten years that have affected me the least and repulse me the most in terms of their style. Foreign movies were still great (as we shall see) but America pumped out more brat-pack box-office crap than I can count. Movies that are cherished today- but as someone who didn’t grow up with any of them (bar Episode V & VI) I gotta say I dislike the vast majority. Overblown, overrated and sadly a waste of that very precious ‘time’. That being said: Totally understand why people love Ghostbusters and Star Wars and to some extent Indiana Jones- and that’s fine, I’m not criticizing you- Just don’t expect to see any of them below :)