Monday, 25 April 2016

The Coppola Myth

Is Francis Ford Coppola a master? Audiences have been enamoured by his four ‘great works’ in the form of The Godfather Part I & II, The Conversation and Apocalypse Now for decades but outside of the genius we all see [and really is required viewing for fans of cinema] is he really the virtuoso we make him out to be?

Saturday, 16 April 2016

WTF Was: Last Year at Marienbad

For those unfamiliar, WTF Was is a stream-of-consciousness interpretation of a film's themes and plot the moment after I've finished watching it. I've tackled Mulholland Drive, Enemy, Eraserhead and An Andalusian Dog- but I fear this will be the most difficult undertaking yet. 

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

5 Forgotten Films you HAVE to See

Seminal pieces that audiences and critics just haven’t given the time of day. I may be stretching the term ‘forgotten’ here given that in any even people have seen these movies and indeed some of them hold a niche appeal to the few that saw them upon release however many years ago- but to me these are movies that deserve far more of a mention than they get. Three of these are very nearly if not the best films I’ve yet to see from their respective decades and to miss them just because no-body talks about them anymore would be to miss some of the most criminally neglected viewing experiences around.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

The Rug Pull and Why its Brilliant

I love films that defy their audience's expectations of closure. Funnily enough: Most people don't. It seems strange to me that we praise movies like The Sixth Sense and Usual Suspects as some of the finest of their respective decades primarily for their twist endings: Pulling the rug out from under our feet and evoking a reaction of "OH! YOU GOT ME GOOD!" rather than "WTF WAS THAT!?" Like the films I respect far more often receive

Thursday, 7 April 2016

50s Reviews: The Red Balloon

The short-story of a child finding a balloon which seems to actively follow him around and the troubles and triumphs the pair endure together, Le Ballon Rouge is one of the most beloved short films in history for damn good reason. Its a saddening portrait of childhood ignorance and most importantly selfishness that sees our kid and his balloon harassed by a sea of baying twelve year olds who nearly see the flick end in tragedy. Little do we know that the director was simply setting up a wonderful climax which remains one of the most magical movie moments ever. Comes out of no-where and sweeps you off your feet in all the best of ways. 

Monday, 4 April 2016

WTF Was: Enemy

I've not done one of these since the blog began over six months ago due to a lack of films I deemed it necessary to dissect but that hunger for incomprehensible pieces of art was sated by Dennis Villeneuve's Enemy. To refresh those who haven't caught 'WTF Was' before: I sit down and write about a film immediately after I've finished watching it to give my two cents on what it might all mean. That said: Shall we dive in?

Friday, 1 April 2016

Noughties Reviews: The Crucifixion of Mary J. Blige

Following the noble sacrifice of the late singer Mary J. Blige for humanity's sins, The Crucifixion of Mary J. Blige is a cry for help. Its a moving, melodious tone poem oozing mastery in every corner of every frame that screams for the attention it justly deserves in vain. Its mad, undoubtedly genius creator, Jimmy Sterling, devoted his life to bringing her touching story to the silver screen and much like Polanski's vengeful grief in Macbeth, his emotions bleed through the artifice and give the film a pulse unmatched in cinematic history.

My Top 30 Favorite Scenes of All Time

You can tell a lot about a person from the kind of movies they like. In my mind, you can discover even more if you dig deeper into the specific scenes that really struck them. Perhaps, in years to come when I've hopefully made enough money and written something half decent enough to warrant working on, this list may inform the movies I make. As it stands however: Its a collection of moments that aren't just important to me as pieces of escapist entertainment, but bring greater meaning to my life as a whole: Film is my passion and, for this list only, I'd like to share that passion with you.

Most of the Scenes linked as clips below are incomplete and only in the best quality I could find them in, so apologies.