Monday, 21 August 2017

Their Mortal Remains

Ranking the albums of Pink Floyd has given me a fulfilling new experience with music. It’s inspired my own writing, as well as bred both distance and eventual intimacy as I struggled with objectivity and the cold, calculated stance I had first assumed in tackling music for the first time. Tackling what has very swiftly become my favorite band was no easy undertaking- but sufficed to say it’s made me want to work through Zeppelin, The Beatles, Deep Purple, Clapton, Crimson and all the others too- because looking at an artist from this perspective changed my relationship with their work with each passing day, and I’d be fascinated to see what it does to those ones too.
A lot of people I’ve spoken to spit and scream over the idea of an album not being 'Floydian' enough: That the essence of the band has to be absolute in every single second of their music… But to me for a group whose mercurial library has shifted like the sand from concept to completion with each release, I wonder if there is a Pink Floyd sound at all. Ubiquity and disassociation has fueled the fire of some of their finest work and, as we shall see, it is this astonishing flux in sound throughout the years that makes them such an intoxicating group.