Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Van der Graaf Generator

Van der Graaf Generator are my favorite band, and Peter Hammill (their vocalist/lyricist) surely my favorite solo artist too. They have inspired much of my own work in recent months, as well as quite frankly put into perspective some reasonably rough times- so I think its time to devote another album retrospective to these lads in their most creativley profitable period: the 1970s. VdGG would reform in 2005 for the excellent 'Present' and I'll tack that peroid onto this post in time. 

I've purposefully ommitted Van der Graaf's 1978 live album 'Vital' because depite its (fantastic) fresh material I do not possess half the experience to acurately detail the strengths or weaknesses of a live album. Take it from me while I have the time, however, to say that it is just essential for fans of the band. Let's get to it.