Thursday, 31 January 2019

Pedro Costa

Pedro Costa's first film will see its 30th anniversary this year and ever since he started making movies the man has conjured spirits in the dark, duelling with his own uncompromising vision to find both intensley controlled dramas and skeletal stories sketched out of the shadows that fuse naturalism with tugging aesthetic grasp. He is the first of what I hope to be several dives into the giants of Portugese film-making and a modern artist whose work stands almost beyond compare. Lets dig in.

Sunday, 6 January 2019

The Man Who Sleeps

The Man Who Sleeps, adapted from a novel by Georges Perec,  is an abyss-gazing indictment of the dream. Charging faintly through fields of time, its delerious invention of intensley present cinema wrestles with a backbone of distant absentia that electrifies its lifespan with often chilling, rarely joyous purpose. Like The Promised Land its a movie I had missed for years, and yet again this odd patience has been rewarded with a work that will rest in my heart for many more to come.