Wednesday, 3 May 2017

A Separation

The enticing morality play of a husband and wife, Simin and Nader, whom cause the miscarriage of their hired carer and struggle to balance it among a neat little collective of contemporary dramas, A Separation is my first Asghar Farhadi film and will undoubtedly be far from my last; If only because I expect the promise of this man's greatness repaid. As it stands, my first outing with Farhadi rewarded me with a dull, dragging piece of work that I failed to engage with in any way. Jumping into the drama of Simin and Nader, as the opening scene swiftly dives into a heated divorce meeting- only serves to establish their situation and told me very little about the people they were. Farhadi seemed satisfied with that though, as few moments in the remaining 2 hours of screen-time lent any more light on their personalities bar what the plot demanded they say and do.